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Territories With Representatives:


A:          Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia

B:          Bolivia, Brazil

C:          Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica

E:          Egypt, El Salvador, England

F:          Fiji

G:          Greece, Guatemala

H:          Honduras

I:           India, Indonesia, Ireland

J:          Japan

M:         Malaysia, Mexico

N:          New Zealand, Nicaragua

P:          Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines

R:          Russia

S:          Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Africa, South Korea

T:          Taiwan, Tonga, Turkey

U:          United States of America, Uruguay

V:          Vanuatu

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Worldwide Business Partners

Inventor of Advanced Processing Technology

Worldwide Business Partners

Shown below are the countries in which we have representatives who sell genuine, Anderson products. With the various locations that we serve, it is convenient to have our products exported directly to your business.


Please click the industry links below to send us an email and receive more information regarding our territories and the industries they serve. Please include your country of interest in the email:


Polymer Business Partners

Vegetable Oilseed Business Partners

Animal Feeds Business Partners

Meat By-Products Business Partners

With over a century of service, the mission of Anderson International is to create an environment whereby all who interact with us experience a time honored relationship built on