Our equipment is manufactured and engineered to deliver the ultimate in efficiency, performance, and value.† Each part is designed to precise tolerances and exact specifications as part of our over-all goal to produce peak performance from each system we provide.

Over time and through normal operation, your original parts can become worn and your equipment may lose some of its throughput capacity.† The best way to restore performance levels to designed capacity is to replace worn parts with genuine Anderson replacement parts.

Genuine Anderson parts are designed by experienced technicians that understand the efficiency you desire and the value of your products.

In the short-term, imitation parts seem less expensive than original Anderson parts, but, there are hidden costs.

Imitation parts usually are made by people who donít know our machines, how they were designed, or what the critical tolerances are, rather, imitation parts are routinely patterned from old worn parts, without regard to critical tolerances.† Using parts with improper tolerances leads to higher energy costs and lower production, and there is generally no assurance on how long imitation parts will last.

Genuine Anderson Parts protect your original investment and ensure peak performance, increased throughput, reduced maintenance costs, and maximum run time.

The Hidden Costs of Imitation Parts

Anderson Parts for Peak Efficiency and Productivity

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Replacement Parts

With over a century of service, the mission of Anderson International is to create an environment whereby all who interact with us experience a time honored relationship built on