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Our Anderson continuous dewatering and drying machinery and systems are the most versatile and efficient in the world for complete drying of rubber and polymers. We have been providing total finishing systems for over 60 years. The combination of Anderson Expeller® dewatering press and Expander-Dryer®, provides shortest time under temperature conditions known. This maximizes control, guaranteeing highest quality products, minimizes space requirements, reducing capital investment costs, and maximizes versatility in capacity and polymers dried.


Our experience from drying the range of rubbers and polymers processed today can be seen in our durable design and selection of metallurgy. This maximizes corrosion resistance, maximizes abrasion resistance, and minimizes operating costs related to wear parts overhaul


Listing of synthetic rubber processed on our dewatering and/or drying machinery

The following materials can be “dewatered and/or dried” incorporating our mechanical screw press/expander technology*:










*We will be pleased to run tests of any material not listed, on our pilot plant equipment to
determine if the advantages of “mechanical” dewatering and drying can be employed to process your product.


Equipment breakdown of our complete processing systems


Anderson International Corp has provided equipment, engineering, startup service and operator training to a wide range of rubber processors around the world. Our complete processing system is comprised of four basic functions: dewatering, drying, baling, and bale handling. Below is a picture of our process. To see the animation, click on the picture:




















We provide machinery and equipment in the complete polymer process:









Specific model capabilities for dewatering and drying machinery


· These engineered systems are designed to "finish dry" from 50 kg to 12,000 kg per hour.

· We will typically guarantee both capacity and moisture levels in the finished product, with our supply of the complete "dewatering and drying" system. In most cases we will guarantee moisture level reductions from 90% consistency down to 0.5% or less in the finished product.

· The heart of any mechanical finishing line is the Expeller® press and the Expander-Dryer®. The Expeller® is part of the dewatering system and the Expander-Dryer® is part of the drying system.

Expeller® Presses


¨ Our Anderson Expeller® presses are rated for horsepower from 25 to 500.

¨ Moisture levels are typically reduced by 60 to 85% in our Expeller® press.

¨ We have multiple models to chose from, and are available with numerous options such as "bullet chokes", steam jackets, independent cutters, electric choke controllers, etc.


Please click the links below to view some of our models and capabilities:

· No. 6 Moisture Expeller® Press (252 KB)

· Pilot Model No. 6 Moisture Expeller® Press (240 KB)

· No. 7A Moisture Expeller® Press (312 KB)

· No. 88 Moisture Expeller® Press (336 KB)




            Expander-Dryer® Expanders

¨ Our line of Expander-Dryer® expanders have proven to be the most cost effective way of finish drying synthetic rubbers.

¨ Expander-Dryer® feed stock material typically contains 8 to 15% moisture, which through "flash evaporation" is reduced to 3% or less at the Expander-Dryer® discharge. Due to the product form at discharge, "expanded and porous" the final small amount of residual moisture is driven off very effectively in our "hot box".

¨ The Expander-Dryer® expanders are rated for 50 to 2000 horsepower!

¨ A number of options are available on our models of Expander-Dryer® expanders, and the use and availability of a wide range of corrosive resistant alloys have proven to be of great value to our clients.

Please click the links below to view some of our models and capabilities:

· No. 10A Expander Dryer (304 KB)

· No. 14A Expander Dryer (304 KB)

· Pilot Model 4-1/2” Expander Dryer (364 KB)

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No 10A Expander-Dryer®

No. 7A Expeller® Press

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Programmable Logic Controller Panels


Designed to monitor and control the complete finishing line



-Dewatering Screens

-Skimmer Tanks

-Expeller® Presses



-Expander-Dryer Expanders®

-Hot Boxes

-Spiral Elevators



-Baling Presses

-Vibratory Feeders

-Distributing Conveyors

- Weigh scales

Bale Handling


-Roller and Belt Conveyors

-Metal Detectors

-Check weighers

-Line Reject Conveyors

-Bale Wrappers

-Bag Sewing Systems

-Pallet Loading Systems

Inventor of Advanced Processing Technology

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Dewatering and Drying Machinery

With over a century of service, the mission of Anderson International is to create an environment whereby all who interact with us experience a time honored relationship built on


· Polypropylene

· Graft Copolymers


· Reclaim Rubber

· Halobutyl

· SBR (Emulsion and Solution)

· Natural Rubber

· Polychloroprene


· Reclaim Films

· Polyethylene


· Fluoroelastomers

· Polyisoprene

· High Styrene SBR

· TPE (SIS and SBS)

· Carbon Black Masterbatch

· Random Copolymers

· PVC (Flexible)


· Block Copolymers